January 7th, 2014 / by Andrew Shusterman

Digital Trends In 2014 & The Decline Of SEO

With 2014 in full swing i’m sure we’re going to be seeing a lot of changes in the world of social media. This year we will see some previously “tried & true” methods continue to decline in effectiveness and relevancy; This especially being true with SEO. It has become a deteriorating technique as more people find website to visit via social media. In 2013, 93% of marketers said they were using social media for businesses, which has resulted in more energy being directed toward the creation of engaging content. Search engines are aware of this and giving more weight to social indicators on their ranking systems. Content is king, and more companies are focusing on building engaging micro-content versus investing time and resources into SEO. To get a more in-depth perspective on the decline of SEO, check out Brett Relander’s article regarding the topic.

With mobile internet usage expected to overtake desktop within the next year, companies that don’t have mobile-friendly websites are going to be left in the dust! The rise of Vine and Instagram video in 2013 led to an increase in video content across platforms with those capabilities. YouTube videos over 3 minutes in length are seeing a decline in views, while 6 (Vine) and 15-second (Instagram) videos are receiving the highest engagement rates. 2014 is going to be seeing the shift towards well-produced video and photo content. In late 2013 Facebook’s algorithm changed again, and now favors quality content over quantity. To learn more about the various digital trends of 2014, read Anita Loomba’s article.