January 23rd, 2014 / by Andrew Shusterman

Facebook Video Uploads Receive Significantly Higher Reach Than YouTube Videos

I have read several articles about how uploading videos directly to Facebook yields significantly higher reach than posting YouTube video links to the platform. In fact, some say uploading video files directly to FB can result in 10X higher reach than posting a YouTube link! Yesterday I tested this out with two of my clients, Geoff Rowley & Curren Caples, and was pleasantly surprised (see below examples). Curren, who has a following of over 50K, saw the reach of his video get over 77K in the first day. This is huge considering his traditional high performing content on his page receives 15-30K views on average. Geoff, with a following of over 130K, saw the reach of his video get nearly 136K views in the first day. This means more people saw this video than his total following. On average, a high performing post on Geoff’s page receives 30-50K views. In conclusion, Facebook is definitely rewarding those who post video files to their native player with much higher reach levels than both image or embedded YouTube link posts.

#ProTip: The next time you decide to upload a video on Facebook, ask people to “Share” the video with friends because you’re much more likely to receive significantly more shares due to the increased reach, which of course helps bring up your “Talking About” number.