January 4th, 2014 / by Andrew Shusterman

Twitter 101 With Gary Vaynerchuk

In a recent slideshare Gary Vaynerchuk ends the confusion regarding the most commonly misunderstood punctuation mark in Twitter history… Yes, he’s talking about the period (AKA ” . “)!

If you’re new to Twitter, just remember this: If you want your tweet to reach all of your followers, never start a tweet with an “@” or else only people following you and that person/company (Let’s call them @johndoe) will be able to see your tweet. So, If you want @johndoe and all of your followers to see your tweet, make sure and add a period before the @. For a great analysis and walk-through by Gary, Click Here. For more helpful social media tips, follow Gary on Twitter: @garyvee

FYI: I recently did an exclusive FNM interview with Gary, which should be up towards the end of January. Stay tuned…